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Sermon audio is available here, however a full copy of the worship service is not. If you would like a full copy of the service, contact us or visit the sound booth in the front of the sanctuary after the worship service and speak with one of the sound technicians. The service audio is available in Compact Disc format or it can be transferred to a mobile device or storage drive via Bluetooth file transfer or USB port. We also have a wireless headset for those who cannot hear well. Please walk up to the sound box and ask one of the technicians if you find the system too quiet.

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Date Title Speaker Length Actions
2024-07-07 PM God Invites You to Wisdom
[Proverbs 1:1-7]
Rev. James Zekveld 0:30:25
2024-07-07 AM God Blesses the Forgiven
[Psalm 32]
Rev. James Zekveld 0:36:11
2024-06-30 PM Jesus, the Preacher
[Luke 4: 14-21]
Rev. Charles Van Hoffen 0:33:47
2024-06-30 AM Soldiers of Christ, Arise
[Ephesians 6:10-20]
Rev. Charles Van Hoffen 0:31:51
2024-06-24 PM Sola Deo Gloria!
[Romans 16: 21-27]
Gary Zekveld 0:28:53
2024-06-24 PM Sola Deo Gloria!
[Romans 16: 21-27]
Gary Zekveld 0:28:53
2024-06-23 AM The Resting Place of Zion
[Psalm 132]
Rev. Van Dyke 0:34:29
2024-06-02 PM The Travail of His Soul
[Isaiah 53, Hebrews 1: 1-4]
Rev. Gary Zekveld 0:29:40
2024-06-02 AM One Heart One Voice
[Romans 15:1-13]
Gary Zekveld 0:27:46
2024-05-26 PM Hope Dawns in the Darkness
[Isaiah 64, Psalm 130]
Rev. Gary Zekveld 0:26:20
2024-05-26 AM Constrained by the Law of Love
[Romans 14:13-23]
Gary Zekveld 0:33:34
2024-05-19 PM The Weak and the Strong
[Romans 14: 1- 15:13]
Rev. Gary Zekveld 0:24:22